Saturday, March 27, 2010

Their coming to take me away HA HA

Wow thanks to TOM I havent been able to eat very much at all for the last week.  So I hopped on the scale today and got 289!!!!!!  WOOT WOOT WOOT!!  Now that it has officially started I cant stop eating.  Last night before bed I ate a sugar free fudge pop, sugar free pudding, and a bowl of rice crispies. UGH  That was all after dinner.  Between stress and TOM my body doesnt know what in the world to do.  I got my car fixed today YAY!  So that is a little less stress right there.

I went for a drive in the country today just my camera and I.  I found this AWESOME old cemetery (told you I was attracted to the darker things in life *wink*) I got out of my car and went for a walk.  There were beautiful march flowers everywhere, the birds were chirping, sun was shining, and the ground was just moist enough to sink a little when you walk.  I enjoyed it so much that I broke the law and went trespassing in their woods :)  It was so beautiful back there it felt like I found a secret treasure!  I also found an animals skeleton (guessing a deer) And I got all the pics I could of it.  It was awesome cause it was death surrounded in life.  So i got exercise..not just my camera finger but a hike in the woods lol  I ave found if I make exercise something fun and productive I want to do it ALOT more.  Yesterday my best friend and I went for a walk and had girl talk.  We walked a long way but it didnt seem like it because girl talk makes everything else vanish.

Now for a question....What do you do when you get stuck??  I had one person tell me to take a drink and it will wash it on down.  Ok this does not work for me at all.  I cant have any kind of liquid while solids are in my stomach.  It just makes everything get stuck worse.  Like even if I am eating some watery green beans with food it will make everything stuck.  They told me I shouldnt drink with meals but I am a rule breaker and tried anyways.  Bad idea.  I have found that burping myself from the front works a little.  Cant do that in public of course.  I just use the same pressure as burping a baby but right on my sternum.  But what do I do in public because it hurts so bad.  It happened at my fav Thai resturant and my friend said I looked horrible while it was going on.  I get stuck alot and any advice is very appreciated.  How is it I can have a bite I know is smaller then the stoma and chew and it still get stuck?  I just dont understand this band sometimes!!


  1. Oooh I love having nothing to do and just walking around with my camera.. good stuff :0)

    And yay for your dropping lbs!! WOOOT

  2. I haven't had my first fill yet, so I don't know what getting stuck is like yet, but I read that "getting stuck" has a lot to do with esophogeal spams, and that drinking warm liquid before you meal to relax the muscles can help. Sounds logical, I'd give it a try.

  3. Let me just start by saying - Whoa!!! You are under 290 - how awesome is that!!! Congratulations :-)

    Then - big smack upside the head - where the hell have you been? - we've missed you :-)

    As far as getting stuck - I've gotten stuck a couple of times and I've PB'd once (ewwwww!!!)

    I've heard that you SHOULDN'T drink when stuck. I just walked around and did deap breathes for a while - lol!

    I find that I get a 'stuck' sensation when I eat too quickly. From what I read in Sally's blog - food passes through the pouch within a few minutes. My doc says to wait 3 min between bites (hmm... I'm not so good at that!) otherwise you are just pushing the previous mouthful through. So maybe this leads to the 'stuck' feeling ??? I don't know - lol!!

    PS Hey - on the bright side - you must have some restriction?!

  4. I guess maybe it is still too fast. I used to shovel a whole plate of food in a few minutes so it is a HUGE change. I thought I was doing good but you may be right. I will have to wait more between bites that prob has alot to do with it. And I am sorry I have been gone so much but there has been so much going on I havent got to sit and just blog. Believe me I am missing it like crazy too. This is the place I gather my sanity (what here in whootananny and poop land?) Yes you guys make me feel amazing. When I get on here and have comments I do a little happy dance. And you guys really care and it means SO MUCH!

  5. Great weight loss...well done. When I get stuck I try to stand up or prefer to pb to g et rid of the pain

  6. I'm a fast eater too :-)

    And the one time I pb'd was because I was eating some of my kids bbq chicken while I was pulling it apart and I just wasn't thinking about what was going in my mouth, how fast it was going in and how it felt going down.

    I guess old habits are hard to break - but it was a painful lesson!!

    Have you discovered butterfly at yet? I was reading her blog a couple of days ago and that you two could probably relate to each other. Different personalities but similiar experiences.

    PS and you're forgiven for having a life and being absent from 'band' land! Just make sure you stop by and visit us once and while :-) It's just the Aussie way to give you a hard time about it!

  7. Drinking something fizzy (alka selzer, fizzy emergenc c vitamin packet) does seems to help me when I am stuck, at least it helps me PB whatever is stuck and I usually feel better instantly. Just drinking on its own doesn't help me, it just sits there on top of whatever is stuck.

  8. Congrats on your weight loss. Great job.

  9. Hehe workinprogress is really trying to get us two together, eh? :)

    Congrats on the milestone!

    I have nothing to add to the PB discussion as I've not yet had the misfortune.. touch wood!