Saturday, March 20, 2010

Naughty by Nature!

Wow it has been a bit since I posted and I have missed some blog reading.  I tried to stay caught up but I have a bad case of spring cleaning.  So HOW??? can my house look worse now??  I cleaned out closets and stuff so I have crap all over the room.  I am trying to get motivated today to finish but ugh starting out real slow today.  It is a little past noon and I have nothing accomplished.  But Im sure it will kick in soon *hoping* 

I was very naughty on St Pattys Day (or as my friend calls it Vermins Day)!  I drank whiskey and celebrated irish style.  We were drinking irish whisky and singing pub music loud and obnoxious.  Yes this did show up on the scale.  But heck it was worth it.  It was so nice to sit around and not pay attention to anything else but having fun.  I was decked in my "if found return to pub" shirt, decked with shamrock beads, looking hot in my new jeans (which I got compliments on), and hair in piggy poofs.  I was in the mood for an adventure.  Lets just say I ended up having 6 shots (really 3 because I was taking it easy and using a tiny shot glass) NAUGHTY!  First shot was had by everyone in the bathroom so I was very close to a toilet in case of mishap.  How good are your friends when they all pile into a bathroom with you knowing it may be a messy adventure.  But all was good :)  I used to sit and drink a whole bottle by myself.  Let me just say those shots made me very loopy lol.  It has been a while since those days LOL  Good times were had thats for sure but the BF was scared to death about it all.  He thought for sure the whiskey was going to make me explode or something now that I have a band.  He even woke up and asked first thing next morning "are u ok?"  I was still good ;)

NSV ALERT!!!!!  I am a happy woman!  I now have to move my steering wheel down to drive :D  For a very long time I have kept it up to hide my fat roll under as I drove lol  I have always hated being fat and having to buy cars that "have enough room"  It was hard for me to fit behind the wheel and actually be able to move the wheel due to my fat roll falling through it.  Those days are further behind me as I lose weight.  Maybe one day I will buy a car because I like it and not because I can fit in it.  WOOT!


  1. I have the exact same problem when it comes to cleaning!!! Why does it look worse before it gets better?!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your St Patricks day and excellent NSV!! :-)

  2. You are doing great!! Good job!

  3. Good for you that you could drink whiskey and not feel overwhelmed with guilt. Definitely looking forward to a different mentality when I get the band.

  4. :-)
    such a verbose comment huh? lol you had lots of good nsv's and i also caved on st pats....oh well right? :-)

  5. OH yes- you missed my Friday fun questions that come with a ho-bag award! Good job on the cleaning!