Thursday, March 11, 2010

I AM grateful

(PS They moved my fill from 3pm to 1pm AHHH!  I have less time to panic I feel cheated LOL ;))

I am stealing this from Drazil via Dinnerland because it is a great Idea.  As we all I know I have been in and out of funks lately.  I think from now on when I am sad or crabby I am going to sit and think of things to be grateful for till I puke with happiness or I pass out from exhaustion :)

Today, I am grateful for these things:

1) I have ears to hear the birds out side my door chirping.  I have eyes to see nature.  I can feel the breeze on my skin and smell the rain from last night.  I guess I am thankful I CAN do all of those.
2) I have so many people rooting for me to do good.  They are also good enough to forgive me when I dont.

3) I am blessed to have a great family.  Anytime I need something they are there to lend a hand.  Thank the gods for my mom or often I wouldnt make it.

4) I have a fill today so needless to say I am starting a new adventure.  Boy am I ready for some CCs in my band because I am feeling like I need it.

5) I HAVE COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!
6) I am grateful for my band friends.  You wouldnt believe it but I brag about you guys constantly.  I am always saying to my mom blank blank said blank blank in the blogs.  So not only do you help me with info but her to cause we are both way new to all of this.
7) I am thankful I got a new Wii  I got it for Wii Fit Plus but still dont have that or the board.  I am pulling it together piece at a time ;)
8) I am blessed to have food in my belly (too much sometimes lol) a roof over my head, clean air to breathe, and a little extra spending money (when I have it lol)

9) I am grateful that I did not have to pay anything for my surgery.  I had it one month ago and have not really had to pay anything out of pocket except things needed for diet, vitamins, and shakes.  I am so glad I made the decision.  It was band or death really.
10) Last but not least I am soooo blessed to  be able to help people.  Volunteering is an awesome experience.  The people I meet come from all walks of life.  Most are in dire financial need.  These are people that 2 years ago had a great job and because of our economy are now poverish.  I know I sound like a broken record but remember your local community and their needs.  That could be you in a year needing their help. I have been there.  They helped me when I was down and out.  I refuse to not help when I am doing good now because there are plenty of others who arent.


  1. Yeah for you! It's a grateful day huh? SOoooo proud of you! Keep it up!

  2. I love seeing posts like this!!! Gratitude is extremely powerful! There is a study that showed people with gratitude journals actually achieved more of their personal goals than those that didn't! Practice gratitude and you will be amazed at the joy it gives you!

  3. I read blogs like yours , and they move me.. I do not know why I blog , becauce I do not really have much to do...Keep blogging you have so much to offer to us....


  4. Positivity looks good on you! I also am grateful for coffee. Hot, steamy, creamy coffee. I'm drinking post surgery. I don't care what anyone says.

  5. Coffee is wonderful and I've never heard anyone say you can't have it after WLS. I told my nutritionist I drink a cup of coffee each morning and she said that was fine.

    Thanks for the uplifting post!

  6. Great post! I hope your fill was utterly uneventful and it boosts your weight loss like crazy. I'm always mentioning things to my mom or husband about my blog friends too. Funny, huh?

  7. I am inspired! maybe I'll look into the band! I've not found many horror stories on it like I did GBS. :)
    Congrats on the loss!

  8. I like your number 9, I'm grateful for that too!

  9. :-) gratitude is a wonderful thing

  10. Hope the fill went well. Sometimes better to not get too psyched up before--doesn't give you time to worry. Stick to fluids like they say. It hurts to be stuck.

    Nice to think about what we are grateful for--I think I'll post some too.

  11. Me again-congrats on the 31 pounds lost. That's amazing!