Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I believe!!!

I stepped on the scale today and it said 293!!  Woot!!

I have noticed a big change since my fill.  I AM starting to eat like a normal person should.  Ususally me and the BF would order 2 seperate meals and eat all of it.  The other night we ordered one meal and 2 soups from our local yummy chinese place.  Surprisingly we both got full.  I had 1 and a half meatballs, one mushroom, and my won ton soup.  I ordered there for lunch today.  Ok I more then love the place I am addicted lol.  I ate like 4 little peices of generals chicken, 1 crab rangoon, and my soup.  WHAT!! REALLY???  That wouldnt even be good enough for an appetizer before this surgery.  Now thats my meal?  I secretly LOVE IT!  Makes me feel like a real person instead of a bottomless pit for junk.  Ya I didnt count the calories or bash myself for unhealthy choices.  I figure if I eat small amounts and learn that first the rest will fall into place.

I havent had any candy junk since I broke down and ate the reeses egg so I am proud about that.  I even got the BF to drink a protein smoothie (made by me) with me.  He of course acted like he liked it then promptly drank a little less then half and said he was done lol  But I understand why because he is not used to that weird protein taste and I did over do it a bit.  Even I could taste the weirdness so he is forgiven ;) 

In general I am pretty happy I got this done.  The only time I hate it is when I am stuck.  And that is usually my fault anyways for not chewing enough.  I am getting a better hang of chewing and portions.  Well I am off here because the BF is here and wants to play some raving rabbids on the wii.  LOL Its too cute!  I didnt have much to say just wanted to stop in and say hi and share my new picture I did.



  1. Love the picture!!!!

    And yay! for the small portion sizes :-)

  2. Great success and we Believe too. IKnow how you feel-since my fill last week, I can't eat much and get stuck frequently, and the scale if finally moving too. I'm learning the chew, chew, chew, too.

    You're on your way! Yah!

  3. yayy!!
    and i love that rabbit game! i play it with my bf's nephews LOL

  4. I love the new pic! You are beautiful!
    Congrats on the small portion sizes. I love it too. When I was a baby bandster I told my sister I felt like I was eating super model portions.
    Here is said supermodel ordering at a restaraunt..."I'll have a stalk of celery. Oh, I'm starving, I'm going to splurge..can I also have a green bean please?" hahahha!

  5. YEAH!! You're doing so well!

    Love Jen's comment about supermodel eating!! lol

  6. well done keep up the good work. you have amazing eyes!