Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good day went scary!

Well ladies and gentlemen I HAVE MY FIRST FILL!  I have 2.5CCs in a 10 CC band.  I have to say I honestly thought you guys were just lucky.  A fill really is an easy thing (unless u have issues of course)  My mom kept telling me dont worry just a bee sting.  Well she was wrong I have actually had way more painful bee stings.  The only time I felt anything is when he broke the skin.  He didnt even warn me just did it like a pro.  He stuck the needle in and like others I have heard I had to stand up with the needle in my tummy.  He put alot in and told me to take a drink OMG it was stuck in my throat!!  If thats how overfill feels I dont need it lol.  He slowly took more out till the water went through easily.  He took the needle out and sent me on my way.  Wow.  I just keep waiting for something to be real painful because this has all seemed so easy (surgery wise)

I was helping my mom today at Needline answering phones and such.  Wasnt sure Id feel like going back afterwards but I felt great so I went back.  I had been there for about 2 hours and something started going real wrong.  (not with the band)  Apparently my sugar decided to take a nose dive.  To let you know I have been high I mean real high for a long time.  Now that I am losing weight and stuff the meds are becoming a bit much I think.  But all of a sudden I started to shake real bad and my brain went foggy and I felt like I was drunk in a dream.  I looked at my mom and just said something is wrong.  My mom knows me inside and out and that really scared her.  She said my eyes went blank like I wasnt there anymore.  That was the first time this ever happened to me.  I was scared and didnt know what to do.  They asked if I wanted a sprite lol I said no something see through no carbonation please.  All we could find was propel water.  I took some drinks of that and the fog cleared a little bit.  We were all so freaked out I called my dietician right there.  She told me I hit a low to find apple juice and drink 8 oz.  So the ladies went to the warehouse to search for juice.  They found some warm juice but it worked and tasted really good.

My mom had to follow me home cause I still felt drunk.  I swear it was so hard to concentrate on driving.  Luckily My house is the next road over.  She carried in my broth and newly aqquired apple juice.  Then she turned into mommy and made me get in bed and take a nap.  I slept from 4 till she called and woke me up at 9 to see how I was feeling.  I am honestly doing pretty darn good.  I had some yummy broth when I woke up and now Im enjoying a Mocha Latte protien drink mmm I feel like im being bad cause it is so good.  160 cals just seem worth it lol.  And it is sitting in my tummy.  Yes liquid my friends is sitting on my tummy!!  THANK THE SWEET RESTRICTION GODS!!!!!!!!

I feel like this is a new begining :)  Me and the little buddha band are finally starting to see eye to eye.  It has found my zen fill level.  WOOT! I have another fill next month if I need it which gives me a little relief just in case.  I am ready to see what me and little buddha can do when working together.  The name for my band came from my friends not me.  My nickname is Baby Buddha and has been since I was a lil kid.  My lifelong best friend Steph deemed me many years ago "Baby Buddha The Flexible Butterball"  The baby buddha stuck thank god the rest didnt lol  So my other friend said my band was little buddha and it is going to turn me in to little ghandi LOL  Ok I dunno if anyone else gets it but I found it beyond funny.  Ok we just might be a little crazy too lol

But needless to say (but i am gonna anyway) I CANT WAIT FOR THE SCALE TO MOVE ON DOWN!!!  And amanda u were right.  I was caught with cigs in my purse by the nurse.  It was by pure accident but I told her Yes I have been smoking but stopping everything just was really getting to me.  She said as long as I am not going crazy with it and dont mention it to the doctor lol  My nurse is the best really she is!!!  She always makes me feel so comfortable and like she is my friend not just some random nurse.  She celebrates my victories more then I do.  I lost 8 pounds since my last visit and I was let down because I knew I had gained 5 back or it would have been 13.  She said that 5 pounds was probably from my women issues Ive been having and not to be so sensative to the weight fluctuation (not sure about that spelling lol)  So maybe she is right.  If my scale goes up it is not always my fault.  If I am doing what I am supposed to and it goes up dont get depressed and drown my sorrows in a buffet.  She sees everyone who comes in there and if she says I am doing good and not to worry I am going to try not to.



  1. Yay!! Sounds like the fill went great!

    I got 2 cc in my 10cc band - and can't really feel any difference!! :-(

    So happy it seems to be kicking in for you!

  2. Yay for the fill not being as bad as you thought!! :) I'm a tad bit scared about the whole needle thing, ..but not scared enough to not do it. It's good to read someones perspective that's also scared of needles!! :)

    Sorry about that whole sugar crash thing!? That must have felt terrible! But good to know that a bit of apple juice can fix it up..

    And yay for the little buddha helping you out!

    ps- thanks for your sweet comment yesterday, i believe in those things happening for a reason too. ((hugs)) right back atcha! :)

  3. Congrats on your first fill and I'm glad it went so smooth!! You're on your way now!!!

  4. I'm so excited for you! Isn't it night and day difference betweeen NOTHING in your buddha band and a fill?? I loved that feeling! Get ready for your first P.B. which will be just around the corner. All of a sudden all of those band rules you got in the beginning will need some re-reading. Chew chew chew....and slow WAAAY down on your eating. :o) Good luck and keep us posted! And keep some apple juice in your purse!! :o)

  5. Congrats on a successful fill! I'm glad you had your mom there to take care of you. You should really keep something in your purse incase that happens again. My nurse had reccommended peanut butter crackers-portable, and quick.

  6. yayy for a smooth fill!! i agree with jenny, def keep something with you for low sugar times! and as i type this i am enjoying an atkins mocha latte shake too...yummmm!

  7. Yeah for the easy fill! I laugh about those that have the needle sticking out of them. I'll have to ask my doc next time. Keep some sugary drink (or a few candies) handy for next time your blood sugar plummets. It can come on really fast like you saw. It'll probably get better as you lose more weight but just in case.

  8. So gald for the easy fill and so sorry about the low sugar attack. AS everyone said above keep somethign with you at all times in case t hat happens again. You must have been so scared!!

  9. I started carring some glucose tablets with me after having my blood sugar plument last month. They are easier to carry in your purse than juice and they are specifically designed to get into your blood asap. I found some great ones that are small and in a bottle like candy. They melt in your mouth so you don't have to worry about your band.

  10. What a scary experience! I'm glad you got through it. Remember to eat at least every few hours. I'm glad your fill went well. I'm not sure when I will be ready for my first one. They said six weeks (which would be two weeks from today), but I have good restriction. In fact I nearly killed my self on some carrots yesterday. About the cigs, I am an ex smoker myself and I know you will quit when you are ready. Try to cut back for now. I smoked two cigarettes a day for about a year. Then I promised my daughter I would quit when I graduated college. On my last day of classes (I wasn't even done with finals) my daughter said this was the day. So I quit. I was ready and it wasn't too hard. I was so stinking happy to be done with college.