Friday, February 26, 2010

*Robin is chirping a song*

Ok that is not only because it is a beautiful sunshine day with birds singing but thats also my real name ;)  Another little piece of info into me!  I am having a very very very good day.  From now on if I am having female issues I am coming straight to you guys to whine about it.  Just a warning lol.  I blog about it all whiney and BAM its gone!  THANK EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE!  So I guess my horomanes went on break or vacation either way the break is way needed.

I woke up to suc a beautiful day.  It is cold but the sun is shining and the birds are chirping away.  I turned off the heat and opened the doors for a few just to let in fresh air even if it is crisp.  I am so glad I woke up in such a great mood like everything flipped while I slumbered.  It may also be because I woke up to a sweet kiss from my freshly showered sweetie before he headed out to work.  Ok that may have had alot to do with it.

I also woke up with this weird burst of energy today.  Letting some sun in helps alot too but wow.  I am totally digging this feeling.  I have cleaned a little and of course watching Ellen.  I LOVE HER!  I just feel like getting stuff done.  Another thing that made this a great start to a day is I hopped on the scale this morning and another pound down :D:D:D:D:D:D  296 296 296 WHAT A BEAUTIFUL NUMBER!  I decided to have faith and put it on my ticker and it told me I am bad at math.  Yesterday was 30 apparently and today is 31!!!  OMG!!!  REALLY???  I am sooo happy about that. 

I cant wait for spring to come!  Nothing makes me feel more alive and happy then sunshine and beauty.  I love spring because it is the perfect time to get out for a walk with the camera.  I am a nature photographer so spring brings out alot of beauty.  I feel creative and energetic.  Isnt that a beautiful combo?  I love watching the birds sing and build nests for their future.  Makes me want to buld my nest for the future.  I cant wait to get out with the BF for a trip to the lake for pictures or a camping trip with my brother to just get away. 

I hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. That is awesome you having such a good day!! I love days when I wake up ready for anything and energetic. I wish I had more of those :) Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey, Robin. Geez, I wish I could have been in your shoes today. What a great day! I'm glad you are feeling better than Wednesday. It's amazing how sometimes just putting it all down on paper get's all the crap out of your system and you can fill the space with good stuff.

  3. Robin - a lovely name. And thank you for the information about tilapia fish, you got me curious as to what it was, and I shall be trying to get hold of some. Apparently it's farmed in the south east of England, where it's warmer.
    Hope your day continues to get better and better!

  4. Hi Robin! A truly beautiful name!!! :)
    I disliked my name when I was younger. Kids always pointed out "it's a boy's name!" (ie: Robin Hood, Batman & Robin, etc.)
    I guess I've grown to love it. It's not that unusual, & yet I hear it infrequently.

    Spring is one of my favourite times of year as well! Living in south Texas, it's perfect. Still cools down in the evenings (YAY!), but sunny & pretty & warm in the day time. Reminds me of home (Canada).

    So, I'm going to catch up on your blog soon, & thanks for following me!

    Robin at Band on the Run

  5. Gotta love a good day and a loss on the scales too