Tuesday, February 9, 2010

liquids go in liquids go out

Day after tomorrow and I will be BANDED!!!!  I have had a rough day or so.  The lack of food started to get to me alot.  I almost broke down and went to McDs.  But I smacked myself back to reality.  I even got my mom to escort me to Walmart so that I did not try to buy something I didnt need.  I didnt know I was going to drink so much broth and eat so much jello.  I ran out and had to restock.  But man I never noticed how yummy walmart smells.  Especially walking by the deli and bakery section.  That chicken cooking about killed me!!!!!! (chicken is my weakness and cant wait to eat it again)

So the BF decided to take off the day of surgery like everyone else.  I know of 8 or 9 people that will be in the waiting room and I just dont get it.  I know they are there to support me but I wont know they are there.  I am going into surgery at 7:30 and all these people want to be up early and sitting at a hospital???  I dont want to sound like I dont appreciate it because I really do.  But there are only 2 people allowed to come back with me and that is my mother and brother.  The only other possible person I will let come back is the BF.

I really like the Atkins shakes and I think I would really like to keep them as part of my routine.  My fav flavors are vanilla, mocha latte, and strawberry.  I didnt think I would like them as much as I do.  I find myself looking forward to them!  Not only are they tastey but they also make me feel full for a while.  The other plus is they sort of fill my need for something sweet.  Sweet things are my weakness and why I look the way I do lol  I used to eat a whole box of little debbies by myself.  Before getting ready for this surgery I found a great sugarfree alternative called Tastey Kakes.  I really miss them right now.  I can almost taste that yummy spongy orange cake :D  Ok maybe I should stop talking about food before I go crazy lol.  I will just sip my yummy juice with a heap of benefiber.  I find that actually helps a little to fill me up. 

OMG!!!!  I cant believe it is almost here.  This last year I have worked so hard to get me where I am today.  I never thought Id actually get here.  I always had the fear in the back of my brain that something would go wrong and I wouldnt get it.  I mean something could go wrong during surgery but heres to hoping it doesnt.  I think my luck has changed and the fates are working with me on this.  I know this is meant to be for me!! 

Did anyone before their surgery have the feeling a LB angel came into their life?  Ok I know that sounds weird but I am pretty sure it happened to me.  Before I even knew for sure if I wanted this I had a very strange experience.  I was in an elevator at the hospital and this woman I dont know looks at me and asked me when my surgery was.  I was thrown off a bit because at this point only my mom knew that I was checking into it.  I said what do you mean and she said the lapband surgery.  That totally threw me off so I went on to tell her that I was just looking into it right now.  That woman was the reason I decided to have it.  She told me it had changed her life and would change mine too.  Then this woman I dont know pulls up her shirt and pulls down her pants a bit to show me her scars.  I could tell she wasnt to far out because they werent healed all the way.  That made me feel so much better because I was hoping they wouldnt be horrible.  But anyway I am really glad that random woman was there that day and I think she was my LapBand Angel!


  1. Just finished my last shake of pre-op. You have one day left so I know you can do it. I had a similar experience with the mother of my daughters best friend. She had the lapband and was so happy about it. She lives halfway across the country and we only met because her daughter was getting married. Otherwise I would still never know about the lapband. Funny, mine is now happening tomorrow. Will be thinking of you getting to the other side with everyone else. You are lucky to have so many people who care about you that they would get up early and sit in a hospital-and probably pay for parking. Feel blessed with their presence.

  2. All the best!!!!!

    I know you will do great and next time we hear from you it will be all over :-)

  3. That's so great that your getting so close!! I know the feelings of doubt that still is with me until I'm as close as you are right now.. Good luck with everything and I can't wait to read all about it!

  4. I know what you mean about so many family members crowding up the waiting room area!

    All my life, every time a member of the family was in the Hospital,they needed to put our family in a separate waiting area, so that others could use the general one!

    This would have happened for me this time as well, except my Surgery was done out of State, so only my husband was with me!

    Good luck with your Surgery, you will do fine and be so glad that you did it, once your recovery is over!!

  5. I'm so excited for you!!! I can't wait to hear every detail when you get home.

    I had to laugh when you said you took your Mom to Walmart with you to make sure you didn't eat anything "bad." I can so see myself doing that. Unfortunately my mom has passed, but I'd bring my husband.

    Thanks for letting us know about the Atkins shakes. I have a long list of ideas and products I've found through reading the blogs. I'm going to be so prepared when my time finally comes!

    I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and sending positive thoughts your way for a quick and easy surgery.

  6. Good luck!! Best decision I ever made and I wish you tons of success. Can't wait to hear how it went.

  7. YAY! One more day to go! I'm so excited for you! Way to go sticking to the pre op diet!