Monday, February 1, 2010

Do fingernails have protein? cause im chewin em

Man I didnt know I would be so scared. I am 2 days away from pre-op testing and 3 days away from the LSD. Everything is getting too real. I practiced the LSD today. How crazy does that sound? I just wanted to see if I could do it sort of like a practice run. I actually did a great job. So I have a little more confidence going into this. The powdered stuff isnt too bad. When I was younger we had this cheap powder chocolate to mix with milk and it taste EXACTLY like it. It even clumps together the same! So not too bad and at least I still get my choco fix.

I am starting to panic about the surgery. It is 11 days away! I am not used to any surgery things. I have been lucky up to this point. I am a big baby really. I am scared of the pain I will have when I wake up. Thinking about it now tears start forming in my eyes. I want to look like I am being strong for everyone. But inside I think I am falling apart. I am having second thoughts. Everytime I start having them I try to tell myself it is my fear doing it. Most of the time it works....

I did have something good happen this week. I finally got some sleep pants from wal mart. I used to be a 30/32 untill I found out I was a diabetic. Ever since then I have been trying to change my habits so I dont die or lose a limb. I got a top and bottom that was 22/24 It is still a bit tight but it made me happy. I cant wait to make it down more :D


  1. Had my surgery yesterday - and I have to say my pain isn't all that bad! Just feel a little bruised but doing much of what I usually do :-)

    Hang in there - you'll be great

  2. I hope mine goes as well :) Makes me feel a bit better to hear a story of a great surgery.

  3. So I'm wondering why you are taking LSD, then realized it might stand for Low-Sugar Diet?? I am on day 8 of just protein shakes and finally feel good. In fact I woke up this morning and didn't feel draggy and starving. The first few days are really hard as the body adjusts to no sugar. Day 4 and 5 hit me hard, I was putting salt in my hand and licking it up. I pee almost every hour and have lost about 8 pounds so far. I took comfort from all the other who told me it wouldn't kill me. I'm being banded to get off the drugs and get my body healthy so I don't die young. You really can do it. I have just 6 days left and don't find the shakes that bad either. I use a little hand frother to mix it well so there are no lumps. Others use a blender. Feel better and just go for it!!