Thursday, February 4, 2010

7 days till....

Well I had all my testing yesterday.  It was a day full of stuff that wore me out.  I woke up at 5 am for no good reason.  So I got a shower and stuff and headed out the door.  I started off with the chest xray.  Then the most horrible test I have ever taken in my life.  I never EVER want to do another barium swallow!!!  That stuff was so horrible and luke warm.  It hit bottom real hard and made me sick all day.  Then had to give many tubes of blood and pre register.  Then I got an EKG.  After all that I really was ready for a nap. 

I also had to do 3 classes and talk to the surgeon again.  The classes were very informative.  I felt weird because I was with 3 other people but they were all much older then me.  I would have felt better if there was another person around my age doing it.  I really wanted someone getting surgery on the same day to have as a band friend.  But they didnt really talk to me and seemed to know each other already.  So that was my sad moment.  I thought for sure Id make a band friend.  But at least I have people to talk to here even if we cant go for coffee :) 

Today is the first day of the liquid diet.  Luckily I have the best mom in the world and she bought me all sorts of different flavors of protein drinks.  I tasted the milk chocolate today and ugh not so yummy.  I thought the chocolate whey protein was better but it just doesnt mix well.  Thats why I thought the shakes would be easier.  But I have other flavors to try and maybe one of them will be good.  I am already getting sick of jello and I have only had 1 today.  I guess it is the fact knowing I cant have any good food right now.  Honestly Id go a week with nothing and starving to get the surgery so at least they allow me to enjoy taste. 

I have a feeling on day 3 I will be going crazy.  I told my boyfriend he is not allowed at the house till I say so.  He is so sensative and I can be so mean.  If I dont have food Im afraid Id end up stabbing him or something then trying to cook him like a steak lol He agreed and said if I need him he is just a call away.  He and my mother have both taken off time from work for surgery and days after.  They both take care of me so well!  I know my mom is mean enough she can handle me at my worst lol  She will just give me attitude back :) 

Surgery is soooooo close!!!!!!  7 days just seems almost too close lol  It feels like a dream that in days my life will be changing.  I have to be there at 730 am which is way early but if I wake up early I will pace the floor freaking out and probably crying.  The nurse in the bariatric clinic said to ask for something as soon as I get there because she seen that I am already freakin pretty bad.  I am feeling ALOT of emotions.  The biggest 2 are scared and excited.  I am hopeful though that everything will turn out well.  Dr Swain is a nice man and hasnt had problems yet so heres to hoping :)


  1. I know I'm old (at 55 probably older than you mom-my daughter is 26) but I still love to talk to the young ones. Most days I feel like a teenager. Too bad you got the old hag's at your classes. I find in the blogging world age doesn't seem to matter much. For the shakes, I use a small battery operated frother to mix my shakes and I think it makes them better. At work they marvel at my vibrator in action. By day 5 you'll only want to gnaw on your boyfriends arm instead of roasting him whole.