Sunday, January 24, 2010

So close now..

Well I have been through 7 months (actually 9 because I messed up) of nutrition therapy.  I have had my psych evaluation and met my surgeon.  I have all my preop testing coming up on the 3rd of feb.  Then for the crazy Liver Shrinking Diet.  I am deffinatly not looking forward to that lol  And then last but deffinatly not least SURGERY DAY FEB 11!!!! 

I have to be honest right now I am scared to death.  This is going to be my first real surgery and probably the biggest one of my life.  This surgery is going to be like being reborn.  I have read about peoples bandiversary.  I cant wait for mine!  I cant wait to see all the changes that will happen in my life good or bad.  I have always been fat and really dont know any other way to live.  My life has been molded around my weight.  I am hoping I dont have some kind of identity crisis. 

I am also scared that I will feel vunerable not being as big.  I have always been able to take care of myself in situations because I was big enough to beat ya down if I have to.  I am sure there will be alot of mental road blocks I will hit and have to break down.  I actually have no idea what to expect except what I have read in forums.  Everyone has a different experience so I guess I just wait and see what happens.

I am luckier then most because I have no out of pocket pay and an amazing support group.  Most of all my mother who is my biggest fan.  She is always behind me being the awesome cheerleader.  Anytime I feel like I am going to fall apart she is there to pick up the peices and tell me everyone screws up just get back on track.  I also have a ton of friends who are very good to me.  I guess you could say I am blessed!


  1. Hi, I'm Dee, Welcom to Bander-Blog World. We have our own support group of bloggers who help each other, cheer for each other and share each others victories!

  2. I'm a new blogger myself, so welcome, and I look forward to reading your journey.
    As far as the Liquid Diet goes, yes, it sucks. Not sure exactly what your surgeon has you do, but mine was specific liquids for two weeks. It was hard and I was hungry, but I kept telling myself it was only two weeks and I could do anything for two weeks. My suggestion - if you can eat jello and sugar free popsicles, make sure you have lots, it helps with the hunger.
    For the surgery, I was a nervous wreck. It was also my first real surgery. Turns out I worried for nothing, it was over quickly, and my recovery was fairly smooth.

  3. I won't make light of it, the pre-op diet sucked bigtime! But I just kept my eye on the prize because it is all worth it. My doctor allow any liquids up to the day before then it was only clear. I started my blog during my preop and you will see that I was far from perfect, I messed up a little during the first week, the second week I was an A student.

    BTW, I lost 7 lbs during my liquid diet, the nurses and doctor said it was water weight, but guess what? I never regained any of it and I don't know many people who have. So that definately made it worth it when it was over and see some losses!

  4. Wow thank you all for the comments. I was shocked that I had any lol. You all make me feel so much better.