Monday, January 25, 2010

Phat girl says what?

 I have always been proud of who I am as a fat person.  I loved myself when no one else would so I know myself well.  I am not doing surgery to look good because I am already super hot lol  But I am doing this to get AWAY from meds. It will all be worth it when there are no shots and I am doing a happy dance on a pile of pills.  Seems like just a fantasy now... but someday it will be reality.

I am doing something today that goes against my fat nature.  I am throwing out/donating most of my food.  I dont need any temptation when it comes to the preop diet.  This task is HUGE.  I am a bit of a food hoarder so I have a ton of food.  I gave some to my friends, family, and the local food bank.  Now I am in the process of throwing out all the stuff that was not given away (due to it being open or almost empty)  It was so hard to throw away the reeses shell.  I havent used it but 1 time in the last nine months and there was only a teaspoon left but it still hurt.  I have so much more throwing away to do but I needed a break or I was going to sit in the floor and cry.  I feel like I am breaking up with bad food.  We will be going our seperate ways soon.  I wish you well bad food and hope you find love somewhere else.

I only have to do a one week preop diet.  But I am starting this week to cut down and work my way down into less food.  I am not good at cold turkey situations.  I have the willpower of a fly.  But if I work my way down it will be a bit easier.  I am nervous about this diet thing (mostly because I know myself so well) but If I have to STARVE for a week to get this surgery Ill do it.  Id probably try standing on my head for a week if I had to.

Does anyone know any questions I should ask the doc?  He keeps asking me if I have any questions and I just go blank.  I tried thinking of some but I couldnt think of anything except asking how I am going to take my meds afterwards.  I see him again on the 3rd and apparently he wants questions. 


  1. Hi, I am Debi and I just noticed that you began Following me today! I have been trying to add your blog, but for some strange reason, the computer I am using just won't add me as a Follower to your blog!! I am in Reno but will be heading home tomorrow & I will do my best to add myself to your blog then!!

    Now, as for some questions, I can think of one or two.

    1. Find out how liberal his office is with Fills. Some Doctor's take it very slow & gives minimal Fills at a time, taking forever to get you to your sweet spot.

    2. Find out how long he expects you to take it easy before you can start doing the more difficult exercises. Most Doctors say abut 6 weeks. And you are usually not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs either.

    I know there are a ton of questions out there, but for the life of me, I can't think of anymore right now!! But for me, the most important one was regarding the Fills.

    Oh, and thank you for Following me!!

  2. Hi!! I'm pretty much where you are (I get banded on the 1st Feb).

    I'm currently on my pre-op diet (my doctor requires 2 weeks!!).

    Anyway - I'll come back and follow you - the system seems to be down at the moment but I thought I would just say hi and let you know my blog if you want to keep in touch (Nerolid)

    PS you were asking what people are planning to do when they reach goal - I want to swim with dolphins :-)

  3. I second Debi's suggestion of asking about his fill policy (how much at a time and how often) so you can mentally prepare for that now. If he's conservative, it could take 4-5 months before you have good restriction, and for me, I would need to know that upfront so I could work on accepting it. Fortunately, my doc is a bit more aggressive than that, but even with being aggressive, I'm two months post-op and still don't have good restriction.

    Good luck!


  4. I get banded on February 10th. We'll be starting this journey together. Lots of good friends on these blogs. Questions are answered by many. Keep asking!